First, I thought I'd mention that the blog No High Scores had a good article on GW2 the other day:

They link to another article that has a whole mass of info... that I haven't looked at yet.

There's also some very good comments on the NHS post that I recommend reading. Look for the user names 'rhamorim' and 'garion333'.

Anyway, Guild Wars 2 is upon us, and it looks really interesting. And the 'buy once, no subscription' model makes it tempting. Assuming that it continues to look interesting, I'll probably buy it at some point. One thing to note is that it apparently both allows cross-server guilds, and multiple guilds for a character (so... I could be in Minions, and the proposed NHS guild, for instance).

Of course, I don't spend a heck of a lot of time on MMOs, so I'll need to be cautious about that. I do not intend to give up SW:TOR anytime in the immediately foreseeable future. And I'd still like to go back and finish the 'good' content in Age of Conan someday....

So, I don't know what my immediate intentions are. Other than to keep an eye on what's going on. And wish I had a lot more free time.