Wizards of the Coast recently reprinted the old Dungeon! boardgame (for it's... fifth?... incarnation). And now they've put up an interview with the designer, David Megarry.

An Interview with David R. Megarry

Well, I think we played it three or four times but then the prototype went to Gary Gygax in Lake Geneva. I invented Dungeon! in October, 1972 and visited Gary (with David Arneson) in December, 1972. Gary liked the game a lot and was willing to try to peddle it to [Don] Lowry [of Guidon Games, the original publisher of Chainmail]. I left the prototype with him at that point. I had not made a copy of anything, so this was a very trusting activity. Ultimately I got the board back and the cards but the hand drawn rule booklet was lost.

It's nice to see the story from the other side of my dad's porch.