Recent Reading:
12/18 - Babur the Tiger

Advanced Squad Leader
12/6 - DA11 Sicilian Midnight
12/13 - VotG21 Defending the Voentorg
12/20 - J124 Cobra Kings
12/23 - J157 Rage Against the Machine (FtF!)
12/27 - J19 Merzenhausen Zoo

That sequence actually reaches the end of the old threads I'm reposting. I never finished the reporting on J124, and had to write all-new material for the last turn. J19 is an all-new report from two/three year-old logs.

J157 was a recent face-to-face game that Patch and I got to do.

Finally, expect to see a post summarizing the last year on my blog soon, though of course, it'll be part of the January summary here in a month.