Well, it's my first review, but this is a rather cute, but highly strange anime about four magical girls protecting the Earth's power source from creatures known as the Alone.  This has a bit of magical girl to it, as the young ladies change into their uniforms in ways that leave only a little to the imagination.  Of course, the fact that it is hot enough that all the girls wear bloomer shorts and cold enough to wear long sleeves should tell you quite a bit.  Anyway, the fact that they can transform is not bad enough, but they can also 'dock', a term where two girls fuse together to create a well endowed and more powerful version of themselves.

Don't let the first first moments of the series throw you.  Crotch shots do occasionally happen, but they are very prevalent in the first ten minutes of the episode.  There are a lot of things going on in this one as well, such as friendship, bringing others to understand their worth, trying to bring enemies to become friends, etc.  It's not really a bad show and I've been wanting to see the next episode each time they add one.    You should give it a look when you get a chance, just give it an equal chance and watch past the first ten minutes of the first episode. ^_^