Just when I wasn't looking... Rift went F2P as of yesterday.

This is kind of surprising since Trion Worlds was really, really, really adamant about their subscription model. And I have to curse them. Since if it wasn't for SWTOR and their way too awesome for words story, I'd probably be playing Rift instead. Mostly, purely off their game mechanics. As it is, I'll probably log in and check on Blanc every now and again, just for a change of pace. Because, you know, I have to have my elf somewhere*. ^.^

If anyone cares, I've moved many on my trial characters onto the following servers (the servers they were on are being phased out):

Blanc - Warrior (Guardian)
Tearic - Mage (Defiant)
Garnh - Cleric (Guardian) <-- James this is the character that your warrior was synced with
Houmae - Rogue (Defiant)

I am also on Greybriar and Faeblight but most of those character are simply random tryouts of different classes.

*Though I will be the first to admit, Blanc's just not as studly in Rift. T-T