art by Artyewok
(Amy Pronovost)

So - as most of you have heard already, SWTOR is adding in a new companion to the game in the near future, an Ewok.

Now, while I have nothing either for nor against Ewoks, this suddenly brought an earlier conversation to mind I had with a friend of mine who is a SERIOUS Star Wars head and Ewok lover, Amy Pronovost*. In that talk I had asked if Ewoks were possible and she replied no, it was too early for the Moon of Endor's discovery by the public at large.

When Bioware announced the new companion my immediate reaction was to poke her via my LiveJournal and asked her "Amy, doesn't that break the time line?"

Her reply -

:O It does, majorly.

BUT BUT BUT. There are Duloks in the galaxy at large in the Prequel era. And the 'Castaways of Endor' article Dan Wallace and I wrote kind of opens the door to Ewoks being found earlier.

The forest moon was a destination for slave and circus ships. That's how the duloks got out (They negotiated with the slavers), and that's how a smattering of Ewoks would have made it out, too, I suppose.

So, yeah, while a little jarring in that it pushes back the timeline quite a bit, it is plausible.

Do I get nerd points?

*Just for the record - Amy has worked officially on some of the Star Wars world books and even has a semi-cannon race, the Amarans. Hence why she's my go-to girl for all things Star Wars. ^.^