So - I got an email from EA/BioWear yesterday asking to fill out a survey on how I liked the resolution of the HK debacle. I have not, as yet of this posting, filled it out. But I have logged in to see the actual ticket. Instead of refunding the parts, they did one better, they bumped everyone who had parts up to a complete on that step in the chain. This means Moe is now on Lord of Agony and last step in the chain. Everyone who filled out a trouble ticket should be on the same step now too.

I know there was talk about ditching SW:TOR over this if the resolution wasn't sound. I for one am please with the resolution on my end, but I am still looking at EA/BioWear with a leery eye. While I know going FTP has helped their bottom line immensely and really brought new players in the fact that the seem more concerned with filling up the cash store than working out the engine-rot that the FTP version introduced leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Oh - and I still haven't gotten the title for pre-ordering/subscribing to the expansion Hutt Rartel. ~.~