Yep it's four weeks in a row! Today starting at 5:30pm Pacific I will be streaming again on Picarto   I've got a post-Babscon report for you and tonight I'll be taking requests on the show. However there are a few rules:
1.  I will only take requests during the stream, and only when I say give  them to me. So don't jump on the chat and start spamming the chat box.  You won't make friends that way.2. Don't ask for requests of your OC. That's called a commission. Talk to me after the stream.

3. Keep your requests SFW. I try to keep this stream accessible for all ages. That goes for language in the chat as well.

4.  If I don't do your request either I don't have time for it. It's too  complicated to be completed in a one hour time period. Or it does not  tickle my fancy, and something else does. But I have final decision on  what does and does not get drawn.

So join me for an evening  of art, con reports, stories, Tequila Sunrises and some of the nicest  folks on the web. See you there!