Comic Easel

I, with Rinids' help, finally got around to updating the SM-EW Comic Easel ♥  s2Member plugin. Made sure it works with the current version of WordPress (v. 4.7.3) as well as squashing a minor bug (not looking up images sizes correctly when no membership levels were specified). I also did a once over on the setting page to make it look prettier with less spelling errors.

You can download it here or at Plugins <--recommended.




Tested and updated plugin with most recent version of WordPress. Yup! Still works as intended.
Setting ‘Access Level’ restrictions to ‘EVERYONE’ when the ‘Image Size’ is checked will now function the same as if the ‘Image Size’ was not checked and no restrictions applied.

To Do List:
Setting up Drip Feed to have options once the time limit has expired, such as a different image to display for default viewers.
Look up membership names/types as opposed to the hard-coded default names that use now.
Option of locking plugin usage to the Custom Post Type ‘comic’ (or whatever tag is specified by Comic Easel).
Lock images out via s2member Custom Capabilities tags.


Fixed CE ♥ s2 Thumbnail plugin to correctly see the settings drip times. Fixed bug where Thumbnail Plugin was not respecting ‘Chapter’ settings.