Applejack braced herself as the M4A4 Sherman Firefly rocked from the recoil of the 17pdr gun firing. The mare steadied herself and observed through her binoculars the APCBC round punch through another enemy vehicle setting it ablaze.

"Good shooting everypony!" AJ called out on the intercom. "That appears ta be the last of them fer the moment! Big Mac how's we a doing on shells?"

"Um sis. We're a gitting low on AP. We might want ta top off soon." The sound of her big brother's voice can through on the intercom.

"I'm ah sure liking these new AP rounds sis!" Applebloom chimed in. "I know Big Mac thinks there a pain ta load." As if to emphasis this fact AJ started hearing the clanking of a spent 17pdr shell casings being pitched out of the turret by Big Mac. "But that APCBC round goes through their armor like a hot knife through a butter!"

"Hey cuz!" Babs spoke up between gum chewing. "The Apple Corer is getting a bit low on hooch! We might wanna pull back and fill up. Besides that way Big Mac and AB kin git a reload for the gun!"

"An ah I'd sure would appreechate ta git ta stretch these old legs out!" Hollered Granny Smith from the bow machine gun position. Beside I'm ah running low on bullets fer my peashooter!"

"Alright, alright everypony! Lets pull back an git topped off then." As she said this AJ climbed into the turret through the commanders cupola. "Alright Babs let roll out!"

This is a commission for Liam. He wanted me to draw Applejack as Kay of Saunders University High School.  from the anime Girls und Panzers. However the story above is what popped into my head as I worked on this commission.

Yes the Firefly was a primarily a version of the Sherman used by the British in WWII, but it makes for an amusing picture.

Edit. It has been correctly pointed out that the Firefly didn't have a bow machine gunner to it. So that's an Oops! on my part. That or it's a special export variant for Equestria only.

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