This have been really busy here at SM-EW this past week. Baron is getting ready for BABScon tomorrow and is currently matting his little heart out. He's got a panel in the artshow, so if you happen to be going to the show, please feel free to stop buy the artshow room and check it out. Here's a quick look at some of the stuff he'll be hanging:

As far as things here on the site - We have found a new project management system, Project Panorama, that I think in the long run will be a lot better than our previous one. It's a lot simpler for one, and it was expressly designed to be a communication tool between clients and services, so using it as a quick reference for who has what commission and at what point it's currently at is going to be great. It's already up and going for select commissions and will be filling in the other outstanding work in the next week or two. Please note - you need to have a login to as well as an outstanding commission to be able to see this feature.

I have also been busy redoing the code to make the site much more mobile friendly. I still have a ways to go with the menu bar and the gallery pages, but it's moving along at a steady pace. Next up on my work docket - getting our SSL in place so we can take cards directly online. Until then, it's PayPal via the shopping cart or contact us and we can send you an invoice that is credit card capable, via our merchant service. Once that gets all in place, it's time to start filling out more of the online store. ^.^

In future news, once Baron gets back from BABScon, we'll be making him a Patreon account. We know several people have asked for this and we listen! So keep your eyes peeled.