We had a good time. It was a bit of a relax-O-con for Baron and I. Sales were soft, but we expected that. This show was more about networking than selling for us.

One thing I was really pleased to see this year is such a variety of different books. In past years, when in San Francisco, it was all hard-core Crumb/Too-much Coffee Man styled titles. While I like books like that occasionally, I think it helps everyone if there is more than *just* those style of titles. But the move back to San Jose seems to really adjust things to a more balanced mix of stories and artists.

Do we plan to go back? We sure hope to and are planing on it. But seeing that money is tight and tables are not free, we have to see how fiances balance out before committing to another year.

FYI - we still have copies of both 'To kill a Dragon' and 'The Keeper's Warrior' available. If your interested in either, drop us a line. ^.^