When I was growing up the Labor Day Weekend was viewed by myself and my classmates as the end of summer because school started after it. Never mind what the calendar the said. If we had to be back in school summer was over for us.

Tomorrow is considered the start of Labor Day Weekend here in the US. So Friday 8/31/18 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I will be having my Picarto stream. The stream is happening on Friday because I will be attending the Crunchyroll Expo this weekend.

To celebrate the back to school season I will be doing a special request stream. The only caveat is that all requests will have to be related to school. So topics like the CMC, Equestria Girls, Twilight's School of Friendship, or Celestia School for Gifted Unicorns are acceptable topics. Heck even Flim and Flam's school are fair game! And at the same time I will be giving drawing tips as well.

Class starts at 5:30pm Pacific, so don't be late or you'll have pound out erasers during recess. See you there.

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