Dual at Midnight

Dual at Midnight

So from the initial B/W rough sketches (link) we get to the final color piece.

Now, once again it was made clear by the client that they were looking for a more Hollywood feel to the picture so I made some decisions that are reflected in the final piece. One those lanterns are pumping out probably more lumens than they should but it helps to make the figures stand out. Two the street sweepers must have just gone over the bridge before sundown because the cobblestones are amazingly free of the debris, dung, and general garbage that apparently littered European streets in cites at this time.

Several things I was particularly happy about in this piece. One is how the mist is rising off the river at night. Two how the city skyline came out in the final piece, and three how figures interact with each other. Of course the piece is my usual color pencil, marker, gouache, technical pen on cold press Bristol board. Final image size was 16"x 22".

So from start to finish this is how I created a final color piece. Not all pieces require this much work. Some require much less. Some require much more, but it give my watchers a little look into part of my world.

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