While the family drama is still ongoing, we are trying to pick up steam here; as much to preserve our sanity as anything else.

Baron's been turning out sketch commissions each week. Sometime soon, he's looking at reopening his black and white sketch docket again. We'll announce here when he's ready to take more on.

Smudge, on the other hand is nose deep with two projects: proofing 'The Keeper's Warrior" and getting 'To Kill a Dragon" ready for issue 2 release. The proofing is going slowly atm. We're on round 4 of passing printouts around the office and bleeding on them. Will continue to do so until no one can find any bad spelling, typos, homonyms or malapropisms. This will take a while. Doh! In the meantime, new art pages are being inked and colored for "to Kill a Dragon". Now that Crunchyroll has the first issue properly posted for viewing, it's time to get full steam on the second of four.

Also, once Smudge is done with an outstanding sketch from FC, she's thinking about reopening her commission docket for high-quality color badges. Still weighting the pros and cons for it. Will defiantly have examples before opening it up.

We're also looking at running a Kickstarter Campaign for doing a run of full-body T-shirts of Heading Out. Just waiting for a little more money in the company account before ordering a sample shirt to see if the quality of the printing is up to our standards from our chosen vendor.

Lots of good things incoming so keep your eyes peeled here!