As most of you might remember, I actually sat down and sort-of/kind-of unofficially participated in NaNoWriMo this past year. While I didn't follow the "must write 2K words a day" mantra, I did try and do something everyday until I felt the stories were done. The result was 'The Keeper's Warrior' Novella, a fantasy romance between a half-elf Warrior and a Keeper, a male dryad.

After completing a series of three short stories, I was in a quandary of what to do with them. I don't really know the writing market at all anymore, and the only publisher I do know, Sofawolf, would probably not be interested in them since it really isn't "furry". But now that I've gone though a 2nd draft after proofing, I really want to get it published/out there so that I can stick a fork in the project, call it done, then move on to other things; like back to Ebin & May.

This leaves me with one choice. Print on Demand/self-publishing. I can tell you after years of experience of putting graphic novels and comic books together, there is nothing like holding up a printed copy to feel like you've completed something. It's something I don't get from pure internet stuff like web-comics. It's a tactile thing. And a since of closer. Something I've been missing in my own work for some time.

So, unless some publisher jumps outta the woodwork saying "Send us the manuscript!" I'm moving forward with printing up the short story series "The Keeper's Warrior" as POD. I'm looking at two versions, one trade paperback with back and white interior art, the other will be a text only ebook. I have no clue how good, bad or indifferent this self-publishing experiment will be, but it's worth trying.