Tonight 5/1/21 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I'll be streaming on Picarto. Because  Star Wars day is just 3 days away Link and because one of my watchers/clients suggested it. I'll be doing a Star Wars themed stream tonight. Besides I have a personal reason for doing it.

I was 12 years old when Stars Wars A New Hope came out. It was the movie that planted the seed in my mind that I wanted to do some kind of art for a living.  When that Imperial Star Destroyer roared overhead in the opening scene. Link  I effectively got religion. I didn't know exactly what I was going to be doing or where I would do it, but I was going create stuff that was going to be awesome.

In the years since I've moved on to other things, but I cannot deny the influence it had on that 12 year old boy in 1977. So tonight join for an evening of starships, jedis, light sabers, droids, aliens, retro tech along with the obligatory stories and D&D report. The fun goes until 9pm Pacific. See you there!