So now that 'To Kill a Dragon' is in the can, I now contemplate what my next project will be. Only problem is, now that I'm not consumed in a project, ALL my other ones are scrambling for attention... at the same time. Including a new one, something I told myself I wasn't going to do. Thanks, brain.

Right now, I'm trying to sit down and organize the different stories: outlining basic arcs, getting characters ironed out so I know the different casts I'm dealing with, and trying to take a long look at the media each of the stories wants to exist in. As such - my art production is mostly going to be super-rough pencil sketches and semi-random doodles that probably will only make sense to me for a while.

In the meantime - here's what I've been poking at for a bit; Character designs for the new story I told myself I wasn't going to do. Tentatively titled "A Song for the Earth and Rain", it's a Romeo and Juliette style love story set in a fantasy Far-East.

Gau-studyThis is Gau (Farwalker), an Elf and main character. He's a long traveled merchant who ends up in the orient ala Marco Polo. Since doing this, he has told me that he also dances Ballet, but thinks he's no good at it and keeps it more as a hobby.

Do note, his "not that good at it" is kind of like someone who just missed the cut at the Royal Ballet saying they are "not that good". We all wish we were "not that good." ~.~

Design is totally NOT final. Not sold yet on the Tudor fashion, but I really like the concept of the cod piece as part of his native dress.

Rest below cut due to slightly NSFW artistic nudity.

Gau-costumeMore of Gau (Farwalker). Poking more at basic body structure and some costume thumbnails. He kind of goes though at least 4 wardrobe changes I'm figuring. Might do a more polished version of all the clothes later. Right now, I just wanna get rough ideas down before they go whisking outta my head, never to be seen again.

Also, somewhere along the line he gained not only curly sideburns, but a forehead curl as well. Makes him look a little girly, but that's just fine.

Yuling-studyAnd here's the other main character from the story, Yuling Li. She a tiny, little bundle of Asian whoop-ass. Don't let her size and out-going smile fool you. She can both charm beasts and skewer pirates with her bardish ways.

All and all, I'm pretty happy with her design, especially with her pear-shaped body. Just needs a little more polish and she's there.

Gau-Yuling-size-comparisonYeah - bit of a height difference going there between Gau and Yuling.

Rhedaslam-studyThis is one of the secondary characters, the Gnoll, Rhedasalm, Master of the Yuling's merchant guild. This was my first pass at him and while I kind of had the idea going in the right direction, he didn't "feel" right. I am keeping his hips-forward/swayed-back profile though. Lets me give him a "hunched" back without looking like he seriously needs a chiropractor and instead just makes him looks a little more relaxed than he actually is.

And, yes, he perpetually has a grumpy face; letting his ears actually convey/telegraph his real mood.

Rhedasalm-study-2A second pass at Rhedasalm which I am much, much, much more happy with. Legs, shorter. Arms, gorilla like. Fingers, short and rounded. Chest, barreled. Much more hyena-like overall. Still has the shoulders back, hips forward posture, but it's hard to make out in a full front-on view. And he smokes, from one of those long, oriental cigarette holders.

Yeah, this is Rhed.

So, yeah - more to come. wither it be of Song or one of my others I cannot say. ^.^;