Just to give a heads up to my watchers and supporters I will be opening up for commissions on Monday March 2nd. It will be an open docket for both simple B/W sketches to more advanced color work. I am not setting slot limits this time instead I will cap it based on the complexity of work I receive. For an idea of prices and type of work I'll do follow this link commission guidelines . I provided a direct link to the site guidelines because the internal site link is not functioning. Sorry for any trouble this has caused folks visiting our site.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR MY EU WATCHERS in light of the recent implementation of VAT MOSS link we will not be accepting commissions from watchers in the EU until we've resolved the issues of registering. We are very sorry for this and we're looking at upgrading our shopping cart on our site to make it compliant with EU requirements. This is also means that in the future all commissions will be handled directly through the SM-EW website. Eventually we hope to have set up so commission holders will be able to log in and view the current status of their commission via a project status page.