Work has been going forward on getting the forums into the blogs since Smudge's announcement. All the old initial posts have been converted into blog posts backdated to their original post time. Through the magic of admin privileges, these are also all assigned to the original author.

However, we can't fiddle with the author of a comment to a blog post, so the bulk of the comments are not moved over and will be lost. If you remember making a good comment to a thread on the forum, I recommend you look it up and copy it over. However, there's not a lot of that at the moment.... 😛

Things that need doing:

  • Troopers vids originally embedded a College Humor video, but I can't get the blog post to not eat the entire embedding code. Smudge, can you fix that?
  • Bel, you had some good comments on my Guild Wars 2 post; you may want to copy them over. Or, just include it all in your upcoming post on the game. ^_^
  • I've updated the original No pigeonholing with Bel's suggested builds at the end. Smudge, you might want to copy over your comments on Titanium's build.

For those of you not used to posting on a WordPress site (which is the software that powers this blog), when you are logged in, there will be an 'Admin Bar' across the top of the screen. That has a couple of links, but the main one is "+ New" which when hovered over will drop down to a "Post" link. Clicking on that will get you to the main posting screen. Clicking on the site name (Minions of the Fickle Muse) will get you at the dashboard, where you will be able to get at any drafts that have not been posted yet. Further advice on how posting works can be found here.

If you do not already have an account with Gravatar, I recommend you get one. It's basically just a user icon-service, so that you can have a user icon associated with all your comments and posts. You'll need to tie it to the same email that your account here is tied to, of course. This will also work across a variety of sites, and can be handy if you get into the habit of occasionally commenting on webcomics.... 😛

Also, you should notice that Smudge has switched over the sidebar widget so that we will see recent comments on posts instead of recent forum activity. If you do comment on an old post, everyone can still see that you've done so there.

Finally, the blog is here for us to keep in touch, so go ahead and post anything that you think other people in the group will be interested in! It doesn't have to be just about the MMOs.