Lost Treasures of Infocom

I remember spending hours playing the old text based games from Infocom.   Planetfall and Suspended were two of my favorites.  Since they were for the older computers (Commodore models, Apple IIe, TSR), being able to play them anymore has been a bit... problematic.

At least until today.

I do not know if these are released on Android, but over on the Apple store, you can pick up Zork I for free (with hint book).  As a bundle, the other 27 games (including 2 that were not released) go for $9.99.  The hint books for all the games are another $0.99.  Yeah, in this case, I'm a sucker and paid for the bundle, although I have not picked up the hint books as of yet.  However, from what I have seen, they kept the special hidden game pen for the hint books.  That's cool!

Now to make sure my torch is always lit so I don't meet a grue in the dark. ^_^