So as most of you know - Poor Titanium is stuck on Tatooine, trying to get the 2 datacrons on the Sandcraler in the Dune Sea. This is a long, boring process, that is made even more painful by the balloon occasionally bugging. While they have fixed it in the past it keeps cropping up like a Chuthulu spawn.

However I really liked the proposed suggestion of one person, Valethar, on the SWTOR forums -

What we need to do is send a fleet to Azeroth.

Once there, we send down an invasion force, and enslave as many Gnomes and Goblins as possible, then import them to Tatooine.

While that fleet is gone, we mobilize another fleet, exterminate the Jawas, and prepare the planet for it's new inhabitants.

Within days we'll see construction beginning on a new fleet of airships that not only do not vanish mere yards from their destination, but will move faster and be steerable by more than a Womp Rat passing gas 100 kilometers away.

Or we could just leave the Jawas on Tatooine, and import the Gnomes and Goblins to Austin, TX instead.

One way or the other, the balloon would get fixed.

Well said!

EDIT: with all that said - I think I've figured out a way to have just ONE person go though the ride, and can pull up the rest of the party to get the others without pain. I will set Moe up for this soon, if folks are interested.