WildStar is a new MMO that I've been following for about a year+. However - in the past couple of months they've been ramping up the promotion machine and are taking applications for Beta.

So, what has got me so interested? A couple things really.

1) It's the rare bird going for a sci-fantasy feel (instead of high-fantasy like most), that is not based off an already pre-existing property.
2) The developers have acknowledged that 60% of the players out there are soloists and are trying to develop content for that group.

3) They have set up an interesting mechanic that acknowledges different play-styles via Paths (Soldier, Explorer, Scientist, and Settler)

4) They do not take themselves seriously.

With all that said, It's all pie in the sky until it actually comes out, or reports from the beta come in. Considering it's competition, for new, high-end MMO's are Neverwinter and Elder Scrolls, it definitely is trying to do something different.

WildStar is something I'm keeping my eye on. ^.^