3/4 – How Rome Fell

Advanced Squad Leader:
3/7 – FB5: Siesta Time
3/10 – J45 The Last Roadblock (FtF)
3/14 – FB19 Waffenbrüderschaft – test run (playtest game)
3/28 – D11 Ripe Pickings

Other games:
3/3 – Cape Henry (Flying Colors)
3/12 – Two Rounds of Hippacritae (Commands & Colors: Ancients)
3/16 – A Tale of Two Europas (Europa Universalis review)

Considering that the weekly ASL series is officially over, a fair amount more activity than I was fearing. I started my review of Europa Universalis a year ago and stalled out when multiple attempts kept wandering off into more minutiae than I really wanted to go into. I finally ruthlessly hacked down the written sections and finished off the review a couple weeks ago, and now I'm hoping to get back to writing computer game reviews on a semi-regular basis.